Here's what clients are saying about me..

Stacey is a true professional and wonderful to work with. She was always there to communicate with us, answer questions and take care of any issues that came up. She represented us well and we would recommend her to anybody buying or selling a house.
Gary and Debbie

Thank you for your hard work and professional handling of our case! We appreciate your direct and honest approach. We do feel that this was a very successful transaction, and we are indeed happy with your service. And yes, you can rely on our referrals J
Kahren and Anna

Stacey helped me sell a mediocre home in a difficult market for a good price. She was patient and understanding, but eventually gave the push I needed to pack up, move out and get my home staged to sell. She also helped me find a great home in a better neighborhood. I have recommended Stacey to my friends, and like me, they are very impressed with the outstanding service that she provides.”

What I most liked about how Stacey handled the process is that she listened to my input and let me call the shots when it was most important to me, with her guidelines, of course. We had two full price offers in just a few days. There were some tricky moments with the buyers and their agent. Without going into details, Stacey worked with their agent so that everyone would be happy at the end of the transaction.

I was making an offer on my current home contingent upon selling my previous home, and Stacey had to juggle both transactions and make sure everything worked out at the same time. There were some tricky moments with the seller of my current home as well, but Stacey did a great job of reassuring him about any concerns he may have had. The transactions were completed in just 52 days, from the day my previous home was listed until the day I moved from my previous home and into my new home.
Cynthia C

We can't thank you enough for all the work you put into making this happen. You are always welcome at our house!
Jill K.

I have worked with Stacey on 3 real estate transactions and will continue to work with her in the future as she is thorough, detail-oriented, extremely professional, personable, and a joy to work with. My latest transaction had a lot of inherent complexities and Stacey was critically valuable: she is smart enough to know what she doesn't know and is resourceful enough to get the rock-solid right answer instead of taking shortcuts. Did I mention that she was fun to work with? Well, I'm mentioning it again.
David B.

“Stacey worked closely with me and my wife in to find our first house. Stacey is extremely personable and very pro. The level of service she provided us was extremely high from the initial meet and greet to closing day. She was very attentive to our needs and looked after us in all phases of the purchase. She kept in close contact with our lender, our seller, our title company and others to make sure they delivered on time and according to the expectations they had set. Rather than pushing us toward properties, she facilitated our research of hundreds properties across King county so we could gain an understanding of different market areas, home prices and the value of the homes, along with what we were really looking for in a home. When we visited homes she listened closely to our thoughts and observations and augmented them with her experience in the market to give us the most educated perspective possible. If you are looking for a property in the regions in which she operates, I highly suggest you contact her. At the very least you'll gain a greater understanding of where the value is in the market, and more likely you'll find yourself very pleased with the purchase you've made.”
Scott and Mckensie

The Service I received was exceptional. As a buyer's agent she represented me well and got a better deal for me than expected. She walked me thru the process step by step. She explained every document in way to understand terms, gave spot on advice in negotiating the deal and too the tie to educate me about condo ownership and investment properties. She exceeded my expectations at every turn.

Superb! We have worked with her on 3 transactions and will do it again!
Cindy and Rudolf